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Rask & Kelsey Lemmon

During the summer of 2013, I went to Fuzzy Pants Pet Stop not knowing that there would be a dozen beautiful pups running up to the door as I walked in. I instantly fell in love with the place. I began stopping in almost daily simply because it could make any bad day disappear. At first, I had thought that all of the dogs there had homes, but that wasn't the case. I found out that they work closely with NEABR to help dogs find their forever homes. One very special dog stood out to me. His name was Rask. He was so well behaved, never barked, and was just a small, loveable boy who enjoyed his time playing with the other dogs at daycare. My boyfriend and I decided we needed him. The process was stress-free and extremely quick. Now, months later, I could not imagine life without Rask. He's my angel, my fur baby, my son, my best friend, the love of my life. He's everything to me. He has such great qualities, and a heart of gold. He's a medium sized dog, but thinks he's the size of a Chihuahua because he always needs to be on my lap or cuddled next to me. He has made me a selfless, passionate person. I truly believe that not only did I rescue him, but he rescued me, and I can't wait to grow old with him.


Sam Eli


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PorkChop & Darrah Szoc

In 2011, after moving and a job change that allowed me more time at home, I decided it was time to add a dog into my life. I went on and began my search. I really wasn't sure what breed I was looking for but I knew that when I found the one,  I would know. It didn't take me long to find a pair of sweet black lab brothers, Porkchop and Pickles ( yes, those were their names!) I chose to look into Porkchop and after submitting my application and talking to Porkchop's foster family at NEABR, on 12-28-11 I became the proud owner of Porkchop (yup, kept the name too!) From day one he has been amazing! He was fairly easy to train, knows many commands, and is now a 2 year old, 80 pound lap dog who loves to snuggle and steal the occasional shoe! We are inseparable and he has been the best addition to my life. I couldn't ask for a better companion! Thank you NEABR! Here is the latest picture of Porkchop from one of our many snowstorms this year!

Morty & Alexis Sargent and Paulledoux

.My boyfriend Paul and I moved into our first house in September. We both decided to wait until spring to get a dog. In early November my brother went to NEABR and came home with Steely, a blue nosed pit bull with giant pointed bat-like ears and pale golden eyes that never seem to look in quite the same direction at once. We were in love. After spending the afternoon rolling around on the floor with Steely, we went home covered in fur and drool and had a talk. That weekend we went with my brother to NEABR to check out their dogs. I opened the door to a beautiful long haired leggy dog named Daliah and she ran over to me, stuck her nose into the crook of my arm, and fell asleep. Paul let out a stocky black short haired hound mix named Lady and she tried to crawl onto his lap. We were both hooked, on two different dogs. So we went home and had another talk, this one a bit more heated since neither of us were willing to change our minds and we couldn't take home both. Over the next few days I spent more time on the NEABR web site than any other. Neither of us really wanted a puppy, we wanted an adult dog that was already housebroken. We wanted to save a dog that had been at the rescue for a while and one that was already a bit trained. Unfortunately, what you want and what life decides to give you is not always the same thing. As I was scrolling through the pictures on their Facebook page I came across a picture with the name "Morty" under it. He was a small golden floppy eared awkward looking puppy with a giant white diamond on his chest. In the photo he was surrounded by a few other puppies but his eyes were staring straight at the camera. He was looking right at me. I sent his picture to Paul, along with a few other larger dogs to whet his appetite. We went back to NEABR the Friday after Thanksgiving. Kelly brought us into the large heated tent outside with all the puppies. It was chaos and mayhem as only a half dozen puppies in one place can be. Paul started playing with them all and I looked around for that dorky awkward looking boy I had seen online. He saw us and ran into the kennel. I asked Kelly if she could grab him for us and she did. His body was lean with the longest legs I had ever seen, and he had a black stripe that started between his ears and went all the way to his tail which was tipped in white. I took him from her and held him in my arms as Paul giggled and ran around with the other puppies. We stayed in the tent for maybe 10 minutes until he looked at me and said, "well?" By this time Morty had settled comfortably in my arms, never trying to get away or move at all. He was resting his head on my shoulder, breathing softly into my hair. "We're taking this one" I said and Paul nodded. We brought Morty home, and he hasn't left my side since. He is lying beside me as I type this, chewing contentedly on a toy. Turns out, Morty was the easiest puppy to train I have ever had. We haven't had any trouble with him at all. He loves playing with other dogs and gets along so well with his big cousin Steely. We did a DNA test on him and found out he was a Terrier Collie mix. He's grown so much since we first brought him home and his fur has turned a rusty reddish color. He has quickly become our very best friend, and we both couldn't be happier with our choice. Our little Morty McFly.

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Sam Eli & the Wilder Family

I'd love to share our story. .In July 2011 we lost our Border Collie, Lacey. We were torn whether we wanted another dog. No dog could ever be as great as her.We looked for a couple months and then decided we wouldn't look anymore. One day we went to a yard sale fundraiser at NEABR in Leicester. I knew they had dogs there but we weren't looking anymore. A little boy took us inside to see the dogs. A man sitting at one of the tables said "Be sure to show them Eli." Well, Eli locked eyes on my husband, and that was it. He took Eli out and played with him in the yard. And thought hard and decided he was the one. We went in and filled out all the paperwork. And then my husband had second thoughts. So we went off to finish our errands. We had to add another stop though. He wanted to get a crate, bed, toys, collar, leash, and dog food. And back we went and adopted Eli - a 3 month old Beagle Hound mix. He has been awesome. He will never replace our Border Collie but he is such a huge part of our lives now. He moved in with 2 cats (which we didn't see for 2 months when he came home!), 2 birds, and a rabbit. He is the king of the house and he knows it. I can't say enough wonderful things about NEABR. They were wonderful in understanding our hesitation and not pushing. The animals were SO well cared for and loved. They were all clean and happy. We are thrilled we could give this guy a home. Oh, and we had to change his name. Eli could be an arch enemy of the Patriots so it had to go. We named him Sam - but I kept the Eli. Sam Eli has his own Facebook page where he shares some of his antics.I think Sam is very happy with his new family.

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Luna and bruschi & the Czernicki family

It has been three weeks since Luna (formally Zara) has joined our family. We could not have made a better match. She is smart, loveable, and unbelieveably laid back. Her big brother Bruschi, who we had adopted three years earlier from New England All Breed Rescue, and Luna are inseparable. They literally will not go anywhere without one another. Thank you again.

Serenity & Maria Poor

I just want to thank you for giving me the chance to meet and adopt Serenitynearly a year ago. I found it very hard after losing two English Mastiffs with 2 months apart. I hated coming home to no dogs. I never before saved an animal until last year. Why buy when you can save a life and make room for another one to be saved. This is how I feel after reading all the sad stories about homeless animals being put down. I adopted a dog in February from another rescue first, and six months later Serenity moved in.  My first adopted dog (Austin) actually helped pick Serenity. It was the cutest thing for him to jump out of the truck and meet nose to nose and the two of them wagging tails!!!!!! Kelly and I took them for a walk so I could spend some time with Serenity. Kelly walked Austin who was just so proud to walk next to Serenity. Cutest thing, today they are "Best Friends" and the two of them follow me where ever I go. My entire family just loves Serenity, and she has certainly made herself at home. and seems to be just plain happy to be loved, fed, and part of our family. I highly recommend New England All Breed Rescue and would go there again in the future. Thank you again NEABR and Kelly.