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Ashley & the Jodrey Family

We moved into our first house back in 2003. We had been living in a small duplex prior to that, and our place was too cramped for a dog. My daughter Katie, an only child, had been promised a dog with the move. We went to the shelter to find ourselves a cute puppy but the powers that be had other plans for us. When we walked in, there she was. The most beautiful blond you have ever seen! But at 7 years old definitely not a puppy. We were completely, immediately smitten with our sweet, gentle senior dog whose name was Ashley. Not a name we would have picked ourselves, but you can't change a dog's name at 7, so it stayed. I was initially worried about getting an older dog but there was no need. She was full of life for many years and brought us great joy in the time we had with her until she passed away at the age of 15. We adored her and appreciated her seasoned view on things. She came to us both trained and a bit set in her ways. She had our deepest respect. We enjoyed her and the way she made our house come alive. She made us feel loved, safe and entertained. We miss you Ash! <3

~ Memorial Wall ~

Our Faithful Friends Will Not Be Forgotten

They touched our hearts and brought us joy,

and gave us unconditional love.

They made our world a better place to be.

Our faithful friends will not be forgotten...

but live on in our loving memories.

A Non Profit 501(c)(3)

In Memory of Bear (formerly Bubba)


Thanks so much for all you do for doggies in need!

Laurie Johnson and Scott Keller

Our little Mattie was adopted from you in 2011. She was the naughtiest and craziest sloth dog on the planet and we wouldn't have changed a single thing about her. She hiked more mountains and went on more adventures than any other toothless 6 lb. dog in the world. Mattie passed away surrounded by the 3 people who loved her most a couple of months ago due to kidney failure. Our time together wasn't enough and our pack will never be whole again. Life is far too quiet and calm without her. She is so loved and so missed and nothing will ever be the same again. Thank you for saving her making our family whole.

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